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CNC Stone Profiling & Moulding Machine SM2530 SB

A CNC Stone Router Machine Shusa
SM 2530 SB

CNC Stone Profiling & Moulding Machine

Technical Specifications

Highly precise machining on X Y Z axis to achieve accurate positioning and long life repeatability.
Zero backless gear boxes in X Y Axis to withstand Stone cutting load and less maintenance.
Accurate Servo Motor in all Axis to get faster and trouble free operations.
Automatic Lubrication in all axis for smoother working condition and increase machine life
High speed spindle 24000 rpm for detailed carving and higher production.
Ceramic balls in bearing of Spindle for less noise also increasing spindle running hours
Z axis Servo Motor with break to get mark free operation on working surface
Guided way machining for LM Guide and Rack in All axis for best geometry and alignment.
Center Water tray for hassle free bed cleaning and safe environment
Imported Bellows Covers and Cable track guide to increase life of LM Guide and Cables respectively.
Item SHUSA SM 2530 SB Intaglio
Working Table Size(mm) 2500 x 3100 mm
Max Engraving Size(Tool) 2000 X 3000 mm
Max Profiling Size(Blade) 1900 X 3000 mm
Z Axis Movement(mm) 330 mm / 450 mm
Gantry Height(mm) 430 mm / 530 mm
No Of head 2 head
Head 1 Spindle for Tool Carving
7.5KW/10 HP / 24000 Rpm
ER 32 / 1 to 20 mm Tool Clamping
Head 2 Blade for Profiling
13 HP / 3000 Rpm
450 mm Blade Dia /50 mm shaft diameter
Motor & Drive 1500 W AC Servo Motor & Drive
Linear Guide 30 mm LM Rail in X Y and Z Axis
Max Moving Speed Z axis : 3 mtr/min
Z Axis Motor Z Axis Motor with Break 1500 W
Power Transmission Ultra Precision Planetory Gear Box & Heavy duty 24x24 mm Helical Rack Pinion
Self Lubrication System 3 set Automatic with Timer Adjustment
Control System Control Handle Remote NK105
Spindle Cooling Water Circulation with Tank & Pump
Tool Cooling Water Pump & Slurry Tank
Total Power(kw) 24 KW
Machine Leveling 6 Set Anti Vibration Leveling Pad
Axis Rail Covers Bellows Dust & Water proof covers on X & Y Axis
Pen Drive 32 GB
Covers and Tray Stainless Steel Covers and Tray


Freequently Asked Question

SHUSA CNC stone engraving machine is a computer-controlled machine used to carve, cut, and engrave designs into various types of stone materials. It is commonly used for creating intricate patterns, text, Inlay , Jali , murals , wall panel , textures on stone surfaces.

SHUSA CNC stone engraving machines can work with a variety of stones including granite, marble, limestone, sandstone, slate, and more. Different stones may require different settings and tools for optimal results.The same machine also capable to work on Wood,MDF,courian, ACP,Acrylic,FRP, Glass.

SHUSA CNC Stone machines are widely used in the temple construction, Building Construction,art, monument making, interior design, and manufacturing industries. They are often employed for producing tombstones, decorative tiles, countertops, sculptures, and custom stone products.
Our CNC stone engraving machine works by following a set of computer instructions (G-code) to move a rotating tool (such as a diamond-tipped bit) along specified paths, removing material to create the desired design. The machine's movements are controlled by motors and a computer system.

Operator/Programmer should draw on Computer software and generate a G code program for the same, machine will read that program and follow the desired path.
Important features to consider include the machine's size, spindle power, precision, speed, compatibility with different stone types, ease of use, and the availability of customer support and maintenance services.


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