CNC Bridge Saw Machine Cubo 625 5A

A CNC Bridge Saw Machine Shusa
Cubo 625 - 5A

CNC Bridge Saw Machine

Technical Specifications

Item SHUSA Cubo 625 5A
Working Table Dimension 3200 mm x 2000 mm
126 inch x 78.5 inch
Cutting Stroke of Blade-X AXIS 3350 mm (132 inch)
Cutting Stroke of Blade-Y AXIS 2290 mm (90 inch)
Z Axis Stroke of Blade 400 mm
Max Blade Rotation- C AXIS 0 to 360 Degree Interpolated
Blade Tilting Capacity - A Axis 0 to 90 Degree Interpolated
Sink Hole Cutting Yes
Internal Circle Radius Cuuting Yes
Max Diameter Of Blade 625 mm
Blade Hole Diameter 50 mm
Blade Locking Flange Diameter 200 mm
Max Cutting Depth 200 mm
Max Machine moving Velocity 15 mtr/min
Power Of Blade Motor 22 KW
Max Blade Speed 3000 Rpm
Variable Speed of Blade Yes
Water Consumption at 2 bar 30 litre / minute
Total Machine Power 30 KW
Machine Outer Size 5500 x 3300 x 3500 mm
CAD CAM Software Inbuilt CAM Software with PolyGone cutting Feature
Tilting Table (Optional) 0 to 85 degree with Hydraulic Pump
Camera (Optional) High resolution with Online cutting feature


Freequently Asked Question

SHUSA CNC stone engraving machine is a computer-controlled machine used to carve, cut, and engrave designs into various types of stone materials. It is commonly used for creating intricate patterns, text, Inlay , Jali , murals , wall panel , textures on stone surfaces.

SHUSA CNC stone engraving machines can work with a variety of stones including granite, marble, limestone, sandstone, slate, and more. Different stones may require different settings and tools for optimal results.The same machine also capable to work on Wood,MDF,courian, ACP,Acrylic,FRP, Glass.

SHUSA CNC Stone machines are widely used in the temple construction, Building Construction,art, monument making, interior design, and manufacturing industries. They are often employed for producing tombstones, decorative tiles, countertops, sculptures, and custom stone products.
Most CNC stone engraving machines come in 3-axis, 4-axis, and 5-axis configurations.
A 4-axis machine adds a rotary axis or tilting Axis allowing for more intricate designs and engraving on cylindrical or curved surfaces.


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