• BODY
    Made in electro-welded structure, machined with cnc machinery. Thermal treatment to unstress materials due to welding. Surface for the belt is rectified and lined with a wear-resistant steel plate, which can be replaced. Sandblasting and special treatment with zinc base and double component paints.
    Same on all units. Cover for safety on all moving parts and a double labyrinth seal for better water and humidity resistance.
    They make the double bevel on the straight edge. They are mounted at 45°. The two fi rst (up and down) have the possibility to use diamond tools and to reach a fi x position driven by the computerized system to obtain the perfect required bevel. Their entry and exit on the material is programmable regardless of the work on the straight edge.
    Can be placed at the entry and exit of the machine. With various configurations, they allow to work with the axis in vertical position, inclined and horizontal. On these units we can install levigating heads, profiling tools, bush hammering unit, discs for cutting. In order to work properly, they have double speed motors.
    Allows to perform and polish the chosen profile using universal tools. The bar, made in strong aluminium casting, is made to oscillate by means of a double reducer and lever moved by two brushless motors.
    The spindles which are governed by separate hydraulic motors have various speeds from 2200 rev/min to 1000 rev/min, starting from the universal diamond tool up to the last polishing grain.
    The computerized system allows programming a micro-oscillation (“swing”) on straight edges or on fl at inclined profiles.
    With its 8” touch screen it is possible to do all the works necessary in a very simple and quick manner. By setting the profile and the thickness the machine positions all the heads automatically eliminating huge time wasting procedures, previously done manually.
    In less than a minute the machine can be changed from one work to another. It is possible to program each single head to optimize the entry on the piece to be worked or to execute partial work on bull-nose or fl at profiles. It is possible to carry out analysis and statistics regarding the times and quantities produced, as well as processing quotes. Also it is possible to memorize all the parameters used to produce a certain piece and recall this data when necessary.
    Is positioned on the machine.
    The covers are all in heavy duty fi berglass on the front side of the machines and in stainless steel on all single units. All the spindles have pressure gauge and seperate pressure regulation and can be excluded or work in semi or fully automatic mode. Particular attention has been paid to the shape of the machine in order for it to be easy for normal maintenance work and change of tooling.

Technical Data

Description UM Value
Bull nose spindles n. 8
Total hydraulic motors power hp 29
Oscillating bar driven bx n. 2 synchronized brushless motors
Calibrating / Drip cut / Shaping unit n. 1* in the entrance
Precut / Bevel spindles n. 2
Standard bevels n. 2
Additional bevel spindles n. 2* (version 66)
Separated drip cut n. 1
Multifunctional unit n. 1*
Min/max working thickness mm 20÷100
Min working width mm 150 – 120 (flat edge)
Grinding wheels diameter mm 130÷150
Productivity Level Very high
Approximate weight kg 7000
Overall dimension (bxpxh) m 7,4×2,1×2,0



  • Tilting (0°-90°) pneumatic calibrator in entrance, 1500/3000 rpm, 4,3/5,7 hp:
    – frontal cut;
    – upper calibration;
    – upper honing;
    – rough shaping;
    – lower calibration;
    – frontal calibration;
    – upper water drip cut (through cut);
    – lower drip cut (through cut);
    – inclined cut.
  • Multifunction, 1500/3000 rpm, 4,3/5,7 hp:
    – upper through drip cut;
    – upper honing;
    – inclined cut;
    – antisliping bush hammering (programmable).
  • Through cut spindles at 600 mm, 3000 Rpm, 4,5 hp:
    – upper programmable cut (max 600 mm from the edge).