LMS 650


  • BASE
    Monolithic high-thickness steel base electro-welded with rectified sliding surface.
    Made with special steel (UBNW.1.446), thickness 3 mm, to guarantee planarity over time and facilitate maintenance.
    All parts are treated inside our Company, with hand sand-blasting, cold galvanising and coating with bi-component epoxy base. On request, base and shoulders can be treated with Cataphoresis or hot dip galvanising. All screws are stainless steel.
    Driven by two large-diameter drums and inverter adjustable speed. Unique system to clean and lubricate the belt to ensure uniform sliding. The drive drum is coated with vulcanised rubber to prevent slipping and ensure flow smoothly.
    Sliding on the shoulders fitted with roller cage in oil bath, protected by sealed stainless steel telescopic guards. Hardened steel sliding elements interchangeable and installed on the shoulders and bridge. The spindles are housed in the centre of the beam to ensure complete stability and eliminate any possibility of vibration.
    With pinion and rack. Central gearmotor and antirotation bar with large diameter. Shifting speed controlled from inverter).
    – Calibrator spindle made with heavy steel metalwork with rectified chromeplated sleeve, that slides through cast iron bushing to absorb vibrations during processing. On the spindle plate where it serves as a flywheel and is dynamically balanced, there are calibrator rings with diamond sectors installed on them (Ø 670-870-1050 mm). Electric drive can be 22 or 30 kW.
    – An automatic system combined with motor absorption acts on conveyor speed, slowing it in case of excessive overload, making the spindle stop and automatically lift. The spindle is automatically repositioned with absolute precision when the operating cycle starts back up again. The calibrator is managed from the touch screen for all of its automatic and manual functions. Automatic positioning at the pre-selected height with centesimal precision.
    – Cast iron polishing spindles, installed in the centre of the beam, with thick and rectified chrome-plated steel shaft, sliding on bronze bushing, complete with pneumatic cylinder for lifting abrasive carrier plate.
    Each spindle is fitted with a pressure gauge to control pressure and counter-pressure to balance the head during the work.
    – Motors. 7.5 or 11 kW motors with single or sequential start-up. Drive transmission through high-output pulleys and belts.
    – Ø 470/510 aluminium alloy polishing plates complete with Frankfurt fittings for seven abrasives. They are equipped with a multidirectional shock absorbing system to ensure maximum operating homogeneity and efficiency of the abrasive.
    – Automatic centralised lubrication system of the spindles with the possibility of setting quantities and intervention.
    – Abrasive finished. The machine is equipped with a system to set the thickness of the piece being processed based on which, a sensor installed on each head, calls the attention of the operator to replace the abrasive, when finished.
    – Slab-guide supports with screw movement through flywheel from a unique station, complete with stainless steel slab-guide.
    – Material presence detection unit to control the automatic up/down movement of heads in case of discontinuity between pieces.
    – Front PLT doors with interlocking limit switch to avoid opening before the spindles stop. Side and rear stainless steel guards, easy to inspect.
    – Reliable. After careful testing, the parts are chosen from the leading companies in the specific sectors. To minimise the probability of failure or interference, a modern “can open” network system is installed on board, which drastically reduces the number of cables between sections.
    – Software developed entirely by GMM, guaranteed over time, improvable and most of all customizable according to customer requirements.
    – 12″ Touch Screen. Interactive graphics for complete machine cycle management with start-up in sequence of spindles, conveyor motor and bridge motor. To manage spindle down/up based on piece presence.
    To view the abrasive consumption status for each head.
    – Data base. Broad possibility to store large amounts of informations about work done or in process.

Technical Data

Description UM Value
Thickness min/max mm 10/100
Working width min/max mm 300/650
N° Calibrators n. 2
Calibrating plate diameter mm 670
Calibrating spindle power kW 22
N° Polishing spindle n. 2
Polishing plate diameter mm 470
N° Frankfurt n. 7
Polishing spindle power kW 7,5
Belt movement power kW 2,2
Belt speed min/max m/min 0,7/7
Bridge movement power kW 1,5
Bridge speed min/max m/min 5/18
Total power installed kW 63
Water requirement lt/min 120
Weight kg 6850
Length mm 6050
Width mm 2100
Height mm 2400