Litox 1000 CN2


  • Fully interpolated 6 axis movement with rotating head with 370° range, inclination from 0°-90°.
  • Hot dipped galvanized non rotating table with variable height saw surface high density plastic or rubber matting (optional) with max blade size of 1100 mm (43.3 in) with inverter drive. Z axis (rise and fall movement) – 1000 mm (39.4 in).
  • The principle sections of the machine are made from solid cast iron with ausillary parts made up of hot dipped galvanized steel structures – supplied with folding door solid panel safety barriers.
  • Fast and precise movements due to brushless motors with absolute encoders, recirculating ball bearing movement, precision gearboxes and interpolated axis from the CNC.
  • Electro spindle running up to 6000 rpm with centre waterfeed and a 36×2 or ½ gas fitting. Or (on request) ISO40/iso50 cone fitting running at upto 8000 rpm for automatic tool change.
  • Suspended pendant with 15” TFT color touchscreen. Machine is equipped with USB/Ethernet port for easy loading of programs. Stainless steel electrical panel.
  • Software which controls 6 axis (X-Y-Z-W-R-lathe) and TOOL POINT control.

Technical Data

Description UM Value
Cutting stroke of the blade (x axis) mm 3800
Maximum bridge traslation (y axis) mm 2750-4320-5230
Maximum vertical travel of the blade (z axis) mm 1000
Max angle of tilt head (r axis) ° 0°÷90°
Maximum blade rotation (w axis) ° 0°÷370°
Maximum vertical blade diameter mm 925-1300*
Blade hole diameter mm 60
Blade locking flange diameter mm 250
Maximum cutting depth mm 335-520*
Table dimension mm 2000×3500
Power of the blade motor kW 32 (S 6)
Spindle speed of rotation rpm 500÷6000
Slide cut speed (x axis) m/min 0÷35
Bridge translation speed (y axis) m/min 0÷35
Vertical movement speed (z axis) m/min 0÷7,5
Time to rotate head 90° (w axis) sec 1,5
Water consumption at 3 bar l/min 50
Air consumption at 6 bar l/min 55-80
Total machine mass kg 7500
Machine packing dimensions O.T. container 40’



  • Cuts from CAD.
  • Contouring 2D.
  • Tool diameter control.
  • Slab thickness reader.
  • Camera on board.
  • Optical template copier.
  • Variable cuts.
  • Magnetic tool changer.
  • 12-Position automatic tool changer.
  • Automatic disc changer.
  • Works with CAD/CAM.
  • Parametric program.
  • Standard lathe.
  • Brushless lathe Ø 700 – Ø 1300 mm.
  • Nesting.
  • Rapid load/unload system.
  • Belt feed cutting line.
  • Vacuum system Ø 625 – Ø 725 – Ø 825 mm.
  • Rodding unit.