Everest 2100


  • – Sturdy electro-welded steel structure base with ground belt sliding surface. 3 mm thick, replaceable STAINLESS steel sheets providing protection against wear and tear. Grease lubrication system to facilitate sliding of the conveyor belt.
    – Steel electro-welded spindle-holding beam. Sliding on shoulders equipped with roller cages in oil bath protected by special stainless steel covers. Hardened steel sliding elements both on the shoulders and the beam. Variable speed translation by means of connecting rod and crank regulated by inverter.
    – Spindles made of cast iron with forged steel, chrome-plated and ground shaft sliding on bronze bushes complete with 2 pneumatic lifting cylinders. Each spindle is fitted with a pressure gauge to check the pressure and counter-pressure balancing the heads during the
    removal stage.
    – 15 kW/20 HP motors with individual or in-sequence start-up. Drive is transmitted by means of pulleys and V-belts.
    – 11kW/15 HP motors with individual or in-sequence start-up. Drive is transmitted by means of pulleys and V-belts.
    – GOLD series PLANETARY heads Ø 450 mm with 5 GRINDING WHEELS.
    – GOLD series TANGENTIAL heads Ø 470 mm with 6 ABRASIVES.
    – Cleaning spindle made of cast iron complete with pulleys, belts and 0.75 kW motor coupled to a reduction unit. The upstroke/downstroke is performed by pneumatic cylinder. The spindle is mounted at the end of
    the beam, outside of the shoulder.
    – Optical detector for scanning the shape of the slabs in sequence and sending the data by serial line to the numerical control.
    – Ultrasound sensor positioned at the entrance of the machine that detects the thickness of the material.
    – Touch-screen control panel with interactive graphics for a complete control of the machine cycle with automatic starting up in sequence of the belt and beam motor spindles, regulation of spindle upstrokes/downstrokes according to the shape of the slab, control of wear and
    tear on abrasives.

Technical Data

Description UM Value
Max working thickness mm 100
Min working thickness mm 10
Max working width mm 2100
N° of polishing heads n. 22
Planetary head spindle motor power kW/hp 15/20
Tangential head spindle motor power kW/hp 11/15
Belt movement motor power kW/hp 5,5/7,5
Bridge movement motor power kW/hp 2×7,5/10
Max belt speed mt/1’ 2,5
Max bridge speed mt/1’ 50
Water requirement lt/1’ 440
Total installed power kW/hp 276/375
Length mm 16300
Width mm 2700