CNC Stone/Wood Router 8x4

Model Number : SM2030S


  • 1200 W AC Servo motor for high speed and high torque machining
  • 30 mm LM Guide in All Axis for better stability and Vibration free machining
  • 10 HP Spindle for Heavy Depth of cut also increasing tool life.
  • Automatic Lubrication in all axis for smoother working condition and increase machine life
  • High speed spindle 24000 rpm for detailed carving and higher production.
  • Ceramic balls in bearing of Spindle for less noise also increasing spindle running hours
  • Z axis Servo Motor with break to get mark free operation on working surface
  • Imported Bellows Covers and Cable track guide to increase life of LM Guide and Cables respectively.
  • Stainless Steel Guards and covers for long life and stunning look

Technical Data

Item SHUSA Intaglio SM1300 S-1
Working Table Size(mm) 1400 x 2700 mm
Max Engraving Size(mm) 1300 X 2500 mm
Vertical Movement(mm) 330 mm
Gantry Height(mm) 430 mm
No Of head 1 head
Max Moving Speed 30000 mm/min
Motor & Drive 1200 W AC  Servo Motor & Drive
Linear Guide 30 mm LM Rail PMI Taiwan in X Y and Z Axis
Ball Screw 25 mm PMI Taiwan Ballscrew in Z Axis
Z Axis Motor Z Axis Motor with Break 1200 W
Power Transmission Heavy duty 22×22 mm Helical Rack Pinion
Self Lubrication System Automatic with Timer Adjustment
Control System Control Handle Remote NK105 /A11E
Spindle Power(HP) 7.5KW/10 HP
Max Spindle Speed(Rpm) 24000 rpm
Spindle Cooling Water Circulation with Tank & Pump
Cutter Diameter(mm) 1mm – 20mm (ER 32 Collet)
Tool Cooling Water Pump & Slurry Tank
Total Power(kw) 12 KW
Machine Leveling Anti Vibration Leveling Pad
Covers and Tray Stainless Steel Covers and Tray
Cooling System Circulation Water
Packing Size 2100 x 3100 x 1680
Gross Weight (kg.) 1810 Kg.