Inspection on 3D CNC Co-ordinate measuring machine (CMM)

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We have enhanced quality assurance capabilities by measuring equipment like CMM and Height Master.

CNN Co-ordinate Measuring Machine - Emerald

co-ordinate-measuring-machine-emerald3D CNC Co-ordinate measuring machine РEmerald from Inspecs Metrology is used for increased accuracy and measuring speed that helps to increase the quality of processes and products. It is used for measuring the physical geometrical characteristics of part or assembly against the design intent by recording X,Y and Z co-ordinates of each point. Maximum dimension we can measure is 1200*700*700 mm.

2D Height Master - Digital height

height-master-digital-heightA quality instrument testing for height, length, bore, gauge, squareness, flatness, shaft runout, PCD, taper, Angle, Taper distance and angle between 2-3 elements, Shusa uses 2D Height master – Digital Height from Inspecs Metrology. It is capable of measuring accuracy in terms of fraction of microns.